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11 November 2010
More than 1,200 press clippings in four years
The American company Targus has been a client in Related since autumn 2006, and the cooperation has just been extended for another year.

The contract includes PR work in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland and Belgium and has over the first 4 years resulted in no less than 1,200 press clippings related to press releases sent out by Related.

The press releases are all product-related and cover both new PC bags and PC accessories such as new hubs, presenters and power supplies, but also more unusual products such as the smart privacy screens that ensure that e.g. side passengers in the train cannot lurk along on your screen.

The experience work for us
- After four years we have accumulated a pretty solid experience in product releases in that category, so we have a really good basis to evaluate on and we do that regularly. We're constantly working to optimize the collaboration and the shape of our PR work. Therefore, we continually adjust the shape of press releases, media lists and the follow up work, depending on what we feel works best in the country in question, says Trine Abild, who is project manager in Related and has worked with Targus since the first of more than 50 press releases went out in November 2006.

- We have a really good working relationship, and we know each other really well after four years. This means that both parties know the workflow 100 per cent, and we pretty quickly agree on how our messages are to be written, says Ulla Glud, who is Channel Marketing Manager at Targus and has also been involved in the press releases since the beginning of the working relationship.

PR activities in Sweden, Norway, Holland and Belgium are handled by local partners, but all messages are managed and coordinated from Denmark.


About Targus

Targus was founded in 1983 and today it is the world’s leading producer of bags and accessories designed especially for laptop computers.

The company has agreements with the major computer manufacturers like HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba and Fujitsu Siemens, and this ensures that Targus will continue to define and bring forward the market in notebook and PDA accessories.

Targus Group International has offices in most of the world and distributes its products in more than 145 countries. In Denmark the company works out of its offices in Greve.


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