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15 January 2009
PR in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium for Targus
The American business Targus, the world’s leading producer of computer bags and equipment, has worked with Related since 2006 to create a supplement to their more traditional marketing strategy – and to generate a synergy across their markets.

PR in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium
Related handles and coordinates all press activity in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium. This is done in constant cooperation with Targus’ marketing representatives, partly through semiannual meetings where new activities are planned out and past activities are evaluated, and partly through monthly telephone meetings, where concrete messages are composed.

Related handles the cooperation with the PR partners in each country and controls and coordinates translation, approval, releases, follow-ups and reports. This is done partly to make Targus’ work easier as they only have one contact person, and partly to ensure that all communication follows the same line.

Top-of-mind with the relevant media
“In cooperation with Related we select a series of products and event, and then they develop and translate the messages for the respective markets. They coordinate and maintain the entire process and report back and analyse the publicity each month. We are really beginning to feel the effect of their efforts, and that our brand, much more than in the past, is top-of-mind with the relevant media – both on a corporate and a product level”, says Ulla Glud, Channel Marketing Manager at Targus.


About Targus

Targus was founded in 1983 and today it is the world’s leading producer of bags and accessories designed especially for laptop computers.

The company has agreements with the major computer manufacturers like HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba and Fujitsu Siemens, and this ensures that Targus will continue to define and bring forward the market in notebook and PDA accessories.

Targus Group International has offices in most of the world and distributes its products in more than 145 countries. In Denmark the company works out of its offices in Greve.


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