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3 November 2007
Magazine texts for Tech Data

Tech Data, a leading global distributer of IT products, wished to minimise the commercial look and feel of their monthly dealer magazine NEWSflash. This is why they decided to cooperate with Related on the production of an editorial concept for the magazine’s journalistic content.

As such, Related delivers three to four articles for each issue of the magazine: an expert article; a client case; and a humour story, an article that takes a humorous angle on the magazine’s current IT theme.

At semiannual editorial meetings the Related copyeditor and the Marketing Executive from Tech Data plan out the content of the next issues of the magazine. At the same time the themes for each issue are agreed upon – and the boundaries are wide, as the themes range from nanotechnology and robots to trends and design.

Magazine with a longer lifespan
At Tech Data they are pleased with the new content of the magazine:

“Our readers have embraced the new magazine and have proven to be very happy with the new type of articles that can now be found in the magazine. The magazine has a longer lifespan now because it is more like an actual magazine and less like advertisement. The readers consider the new type of articles relevant and people generally like the magazine better”, says Susanne Hansen, Marcom Project Controller with TechData.


About Tech Data

Tech Data was founded in 1974 and is a leading global distributer of IT products, logistics and other services.

Tech Data has more than 100,000 dealers in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East, and in total they operate in more than 100 countries.

In Denmark Tech Data are housed in Birkerød, where they have 65 employees in sales, administration, marketing, finances and HR.


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