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4 June 2008
New newsletter for Telekæden

This month Related are expanding their cooperation with Telekæden with a new electronic newsletter for the business segment of the company. Related will handle most of the process, from developing the concept and selecting a system, through preparing editorial content, to analysis and evaluation of each publication. A lack of in-house resources and competencies were a deciding factor in Telekæden’s decision to outsource their newsletter. The first newsletter for Telekæden will be published on June 19th.

A good investment
Related have vast experience in producing newsletters for both B2B and B2C clients. The electronic newsletter is one of the best investments in external communication. It ensures that the company is not forgotten, and it is a good and efficient way to bring the right messages to the company’s stakeholders – directly to their inboxes.

Keep an eye on the results
At Related we do not publish newsletters without tracking and analysing the results. Statistics and evaluations are always reported back to the client. Because the criteria for success are that the newsletter is both relevant to the recipient and adds value to his or her life. This can be guaranteed through ongoing online analysis of customer preferences with regards to reading material and frequency of publication.

Additionally, the electronic newsletter is an excellent channel for distribution of company news, online publications and catalogues (e-pages), competitions, online analysis, etc.


About Telekæden

Telekæden is Denmark’s largest chain with 112 stores nationwide as well as an online shop.

In Telekæden’s shops there is a wide selection of telephone products, and the company works closely with a variety of service providers and hardware producers, so the customer is free to choose phone plans, service providers and mobile telephones.

The company’s main office is located in Randers. 

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