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1 September 2009
New communication management and strategy for Visiolink

The Danish business Visiolink heads the market in digital page-turning facilities for Danish media houses. Additionally they are leading in areas of software, integration for email systems, advertisement systems etc for e-publication. At the end of 2008 Visiolink entered into a strategic cooperation with Related on PR and communication.

Visiolink needed more management of their communication and wanted an overall strategy to guarantee better coherence in the company’s messages externally. In cooperation with the Visiolink management, Related therefore worked out a communication strategy that created an overview of communication channels and messages and laid the tracks for future communication endeavours.

Developing a newsletter
Part of the strategy revolved around launching a new newsletter that Visiolink was later to take control of.

Related developed the concept for the newsletter and produced the first two issues. Following this, the Related consultant handed over the project to a Visiolink employee, who gradually took over control and production of the newsletter.

Communication activities create publicity
Based on the PR plan that was part of the overall communication strategy, Related has organised a series of press activities, which have led to Visiolink being mentioned in relevant media and helped give Visiolink its status as expert in their field.

Additionally Related has produced a variety of cases for Visiolink. This is a good example of how a synergy has been created between the different communication platforms. Several cases have been used as sales material, as business cases on the website, as articles in the newsletter and as background information for PR material.


About Visiolink

Visiolink specializes in digital page-turning facilities for media houses. With more than 300 newspapers as their clients the company heads the Danish market.

Visiolink’s clients are primarily newspapers, media houses and publishers of magazines, brochures and catalogues.

Visiolink’s main office is located in Aarhus, and the company currently operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and Germany.


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