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28 May 2010
No more lonely communication workers
A lot of communication workers are alone with the responsibility for PR, marketing and communication in a small or medium-sized company. They often lack daily sparring and inspiration in their field, and Related has now done something to change that.

With a reversed outsourcing concept it has become possible for the ‘lonely’ communication workers to work at Related for one day each week and at the same time get sparring and inspiration for their texts and projects. The IT business Visiolink is the first to test the concept.

The professional sparring and inspiration is one of the advantages to working with a communication agency rather than insourcing one’s communication. But now it is possible to do both, as the ‘communication department’ can work from Related's offices one day each week and can discuss the tasks with the communication consultants on a day-to-day basis.

Reversed outsourcing
The new form of cooperation arose because clients often wished to keep their communication tasks in-house but at the same time needed regular sparring and new input from the communication industry. The Related consultants can then provide the communication worker with sparring on everything from PR work and media contact to setting up newsletters and optimising search engines.

“When the communication worker sits with us regularly, we are better able to follow the client’s business and projects. As such we can provide better continual sparring, for example about which stories are appropriate for PR, or which angle to use”, says Related's Director Henrik Koch. He continues:

“When you are sitting together, you obviously talk about a project while you’re working on it and in this way the clients take a lot of new ideas and tools home with them – and you get better sparring than if you do it over the telephone.”

Visiolink take one day a week at Related
For the last two months Visiolink have sent their PR and Marketing Coordinator, Mariana Bello Sørensen, on a weekly field trip to Related. Visiolink has been a client with Related for three years and the agreement was made so the Marketing Coordinator did not only get her input from her many IT colleagues at Visiolink.

A workday at Related typically begins with a discussion about the day’s projects and future PR stories – and Mariana and the consultant spar over the projects throughout the day.

“Related have good insight into our business and have prepared our communication strategy. When Mariana spends one day each week in their office she receives competent sparring on her projects while keeping her finger on the pulse and picking up on new trends in communication and PR. At the same time she is able to discuss her projects on an operational, tactical and strategic level with their communication consultants, and this has proven to be a good solution”, tells Jens Funder Berg, Ececutive Director of Visiolink.


About Visiolink

Visiolink specializes in digital page-turning facilities for media houses. With more than 300 newspapers as their clients the company heads the Danish market.

Visiolink’s clients are primarily newspapers, media houses and publishers of magazines, brochures and catalogues.

Visiolink’s main office is located in Aarhus, and the company currently operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and Germany.


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