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23. March 2011
PR supports expansion in the North
Related enters the markets in Norway, Sweden and Finland as lead agency for Visiolink who is expanding their business in the Scandinavia.

For quite some time now, Related has been doing public relations for the IT company Visiolink establishing their brand on the Danish market. Visiolink is specialized in producing E-publish solutions to media companies and their platforms. Visiolink is the market leader in Denmark with more than 350 newspapers getting their E-publish solutions from the Danish company. Lately, Visiolink has expanded their business to the rest of countries in Scandinavia and now this will also include PR. That is why Medieministeriet will act as lead agency for Visiolink in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Our task will be to manage the PR activities through our partners in the above-mentioned countries.

Visiolink wants to increase the knowledge of their products and activities in the Scandinavian countries through a PR effort.

- Visiolink operates on a market in constant change. New ways of distribution keep emerging and how to use these solutions both in terms of content and commercially are a matter of opinion. Through their work with many different and large media companies, Visiolink has become an experienced operator who can provide expert opinions on how the future of the media industry will be says Communications Specialist Mette Louise Ohana.

About Visiolink

Visiolink specializes in digital page-turning facilities for media houses. With more than 300 newspapers as their clients the company heads the Danish market.

Visiolink’s clients are primarily newspapers, media houses and publishers of magazines, brochures and catalogues.

Visiolink’s main office is located in Aarhus, and the company currently operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain and Germany.


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