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February 18, 2015
The Danish ZyXEL Success
The network producer ZyXEL has been providing many companies with integrated network solutions throughout the years – one of them is the Danish teachers college ‘Den Frie Lærerskole’ in Olleryp, Fuhnen. Related has recently been asked by ZyXEL to produce a case about this particular installation to use on their website and in printed materials.

ZyXEL is one of the world’s leading providers of network components as routers and LAN connections to both private and corporations. On the company’s website, both new and existing customers can read about some of the many solutions the brand provides. Among others you find cases that describe what challenges and problems ZyXEL’s products have solved.

In this regard, Related helped ZyXEL telling the Danish success story about Den Frie Lærerskole in Ollerup, who recently got a complete ZyXEL solution installed. When the hundreds of college students and teachers  access the network with their computers, tablets, and smartphones simultaneously it takes a highly effective network that is able to handle the pressure without crashing. The new ZyXEL installation secures that teachers and students can connect to the wireless network simultaneously without loss of connection or speed 
Telling the good stories
Related’s copywriter has through interviews and different inputs mapped the background and challenges preceding the installation and described how the ZyXEL solution has solved the challenges that the teacher’s college experienced before.
To provide ZyXEL with the best result possible, Related sent a photographer to Fuhnen to visit the school to make sure that the layout and text would be supported by nice pictures.
- On a regular basis, we produce cases for companies who – like ZyXEL – wishes to pass the great stories on to new and existing partners. The key is to communicate the story in a tone suitable for the company and that the structure follows a classic narrative model with a background, a challenge and a solution. The text we produced can be used in different situations and on different platforms – e.g. as a case on the website, in sales material or in advertorials, explains Kathrine Graugaard, Account Executive in Related.

About ZyXEL

For more than 20 years, ZyXEL has been the market leader in network solutions and is known for not compromising its quality. All products are built on solid experiences within the business which guarantee effective and secure solutions for both private people and cooporations.  ZyXEL has almost 70 million end users around the globe.


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