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May 28, 2015

New Doro campaign attracts seniors to Spotify

Swedish Doro, a global market leader within mobile phones for seniors, has just launched their big summer campaign, which aims to inspire seniors getting started with modern technology like apps and streaming services. As Doro’s Danish PR agency, Related will assist in creating awareness about the campaign’s messages through a targeted press effort and Facebook.
13. March 2012

Product Launch of Doro's first Senior Smartphone

Doro and Related are facing an exciting year together as the long-lived cooperation concerning PR in Denmark continues on an eight-year run. The coming year offers - among other things - a product launch of Doro's first smartphone for the elderly...
10. January 2012

PR event for Doro

Today, three out of four seniors have a mobile phone, but many of them find it difficult to use them. Therefore, Doro, that develops senior-friendly mobile phones, recently teamed up with Related to organise a mobile phone course for the senior segment which was held at senior centre...
23. August 2011

Doro launches into digital communication

For several years, Related has worked on profiling Doro in Denmark. The latest initiative is a Danish Facebook-page that will help to establish dialogue between the Swedish telephone company and its Danish customers as wells as create loyal ambassadors....
5. April 2011

Revitalisation of the PR for Doro

A long-running PR effort for Doro has now been extended to include brand building activities aimed at increasing the awareness of the company and its senior-friendly products....
11 January 2011

Related targets the senior citizens

The Swedish mobile phone manufacturer Doro, who is behind a series of mobile phones for seniors, has developed a text message guide to the inexperienced, older mobile users who would like to learn to text with their children and grandchildren. ...
15 April 2010

PR for Doro in Denmark

The Swedish company Doro, which, among other things, specialises in telephone products for the older demographic, has worked with Related for several years on their PR for the Danish market....

About Doro

The Swedish company Doro focuses on developing, marketing and selling telephone products designed especially for the globally growing market of seniors. The company is especially well-known for producing mobile phones with large keypads.

Doro has more than 38 years of experience in telephone production and the products are sold in more than 30 countries on five continents. This makes Doro the leading brand in user friendly and simple mobile phones.


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