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17. January 2011
New senior-friendly computer strikes a responsive chord with the media
When the first senior-friendly computer was introduced to the Danish market, Related assisted dukaPC in targeting the PR endeavours at senior citizens as well as their relatives. The opportunities for product publicity were optimised through i.a. versionized press releases and positive statements from the leading Danish senior organisation Ældre Sagen. The results were indisputable.

As a rising number of the information from i.a. the public sector is online as well as the communication between friends and family members through e-mail and Facebook is increasing, many seniors who are not using a computer miss out on a lot.  That is why the company dukaPC has developed a computer that is user-friendly and very easy to operate. The computer demands no technical knowledge concerning installations, hook-ups and security updates prior or after the buy. It comes with an Internet connection and all programmes and security installations are regularly updated and managed by the company. It is also beautifully designed without indicating that it is tailored to special needs.

The need for the product is without a doubt present as approximately half a million senior citizens over 60 are without access to a computer in their homes. Related saw a genuine innovation when dukaPC showed us the new pc as there are no similar computers on the market. Therefore the opportunities for publicity were significant and PR was an obvious choice when launching the computer.

Serious product with quality news value
The product launch was effected with a local and national press release, which was based on e.g. numbers from the leading Danish producer and distributor of official statistics about Danish social conditions   Danmarks Statistik about the numerous seniors who don’t have computers, and in addition contained good pictures as well as a positive statement from the largest senior organisation in Denmark. 

- The quality of the product and the good intensions opened up for a statement from Ældre Sagen who considers the pc the first safe bet on a computer customised to seniors. Because of the size and significance of Ældre Sagen, their support has increased the credibility of the product, says Mette Louise Ohana, communications advisor at Related.

A basis for press coverage 
The press release was received very well and did receive press coverage in e.g. the large daily newspapers Jyllands-Posten and B.T., online newspapers such as Politiken and, a wide range of local newspapers and on several IT media websites. Afterwards, the product has been offered to tests and competitions in IT as well as lifestyle magazines which have a longer production time. Thus is the period in which the product gets publicity extended and it reaches different kinds of target audiences.  

- With the right product PR is an effective way of getting publicity. If the amount of publicity is converted into advertising value, it is quite clear that by using PR you get far with only a few means. At the same time, editorial publicity is considered far more credible than advertising meaning that the readers lower their guards and are willing to read the media’s evaluation of all kinds of products, says Mette Louise Ohara.


About dukaPC

dukaPC is a Danish entrepreneur with ambitions to make a significant social difference. The goal is to develop user-friendly computers giving senior citizens access to the Internet and the possibility to communicate online with family and friends as well as getting access to important information and services which are otherwise out of reach.

Behind dukaPC stand two entrepreneurs with many years of experience from the IT industry. The company was founded in 2010 and is situated in Silkeborg. 


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