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July 1, 2013
New brand for cruise holidays in Fredericia
Related completed recently a branding project for Associated Danish Ports (ADP) with the aim to attract more cruise visitors to the port in Fredericia, Denmark. The first cruise ship is now on its way to Fredericia.

Fredericia has an extensive cultural history and an unexplored tourist destination. The city is also equipped with an international port with unique logistical characteristics. 
Therefore, the goal was to attract more cruise ships to the city, when Related conducted a branding project for ADP, which also operates commercial ports in Middelfart and Nyborg.

The location is essential
When the Danish King Frederik III in 1650 began building the city fortress of Fredericia, his intention was to build a new capital – in the heart of Denmark. Fredericia never turned into a capital city but is still a unique and impressive city. With its central location, Fredericia can be regarded as the geographical capital of Denmark.
Fredericia also has an extensive cultural history and a short distance to major tourist attractions such as Egeskov Castle, Legoland and HC Andersen's house and hometown in Odense. This makes Fredericia an evident choice as a prime cruise destination.

However, the challenge was and still is to create awareness so that the big cruise ships will find their way to Fredericia. Therefore Related was assigned to create a brand that can visualize the harbour, the city and the many possibilities in the area – primarily towards the companies and tour operators but also for shipping agents, crew members and potential cruise passengers.

The brand embraces both culture and logistics
When working on a branding project of this kind, it is essential to inform the whole network around the harbour - not only the tourist attractions, but also guides and tour organizers who will be responsible for the practical and logistical of the cruise guests stay.

All relevant stakeholders around the harbour took part during the branding process and in the final presentation of the brand. We did this to ensure that the people who are going to communicate the city's potential are grouped together and familiar with the story - and feel that they are a part of the new and unified brand.

The branding process began with research and interviews resulting in a number of core values and messages, a brand-story and a payoff -  which will help defining the product and create recognition in the subsequent marketing activities.

Visit of Royal Caribbean in 2014
In addition to the new brand, Related prepared a special issue of the company magazine “Update” about Fredericia as a cruise destination.

Subsequently ADP has visited the world's largest cruise fair in Miami to establish contact with tour operators and shipping companies that could be interested to enter the Jutland fortress, also known as Fredericia.

And the efforts have already been a success: Recently Fredericia has been able to announce the arrival of a 264 meter long luxury cruise liner from the company Royal Caribbean International in August 2014.

Following the branding project, ADP has entered a cooperation with Related about the company's other marketing and communication activities - including the preparation of annual reports, news magazines etc. 

About ADP

Software-ADP A/S (Associated Danish Ports) is a joint stock company owned by the municipalities in Fredericia, Nyborg and Middelfart. 

ADP cooperates with some of the largest shipping companies offering frequent and customized solutions in the ports of Fredericia, Nyborg and Middelfart.


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