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26. May 2011
Expansion of sales channels
The summer holidays are just around the corner and the Danish travel agencies are barraged with phone calls from eager tourists who are in desperate need of sunshine after a long winter in hibernation. This is also the case at Atlantis Rejser who has started cooperation with Related about an expansion of their sales channels.

In April 2011, Atlantis Rejser became a part of the expanding tourism department in Related. The travel agency has started cooperation with Pia Sørensen, Trade and Marketing Specialist in Related, about expanding their sales channels.

- Pia has great experience and expertise within the tourism industry and knowledge of Egyptian destinations and hotels which has made it easy for us to assign some of our sales jobs like escorted travels to her. Pia is handling the contact, arrangement and sale of travels to newspapers, magazines, weekly magazines and TV. She also handles the meetings and the contact with all the players says Ibrahim Ramadan, CEO at Atlantis Rejser.

- Expansion of sales channels is just one of the services our tourism department can provide. Besides handling parts of our clients’ sales, we can also provide marketing and PR. We are the Scandinavian agent of the global PR network Tourism Trademark giving us access to qualified partners all over the world. The network gives us the opportunity to offer our clients international PR possibilities, says Pia Sørensen.

About Atlantis Rejser

In 1994, Atlantis Rejser was the first Danish travel agency to offer trips to Egypt. Since then, Atlantis Rejser has specialized in vacations to most parts of Egypt, where they are the leading travel agency when it comes to guided tours and cruises on the Nile. 

Atlantis Rejser has a sound knowledge of the country and the opportunities for unforgettable trips and experiences. 

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