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April 20, 2014
Related produces magazine for Business Development Esbjerg
Business in the Danish seaport, Esbjerg, is thriving and therefore they are trying to attract more highly educated and highly skilled employees to the area. As a part of this project, Related was asked to develop the content of the third edition of Business Development Esbjerg’s’ magazine EnergyMetropolis. The magazine is now available online.

The Danish town Esbjerg is experiencing challenges with attracting new co-workers to the south-western part of Denmark. Through the years, the town has developed from being mainly fishery to industry and now they are taking the step to become the number one energy metropolis in Denmark. To bring attention to this development and to attract more highly educated workforce to the area Business Development Esbjerg and The Council of Esbjerg have decided to create the organization EnergyMetropolis Esbjerg. The goal of this collaboration is to further develop and facilitate the cooperation between public-, tourist-, business-, and educational organisations in Esbjerg.

One of the tools that Energy Metropolis Esbjerg is using in their marketing portfolio is the magazine EnergyMetropolis. The magazine focuses on the sentence “Living the good life in Esbjerg” whether you are an expat, a newcomer, a student, an entrepreneur, a lover of culture or nature, living an active life etc. Energy Metropolis Esbjerg has already launched one international and two Danish editions of the magazine, but for the third edition, they chose Related to perform the journalistic text production.     
Swiftly and well-produced 
Related produces magazines for companies on a more or less regular basis, which is why it was easy to take on the magazine. Initially Related, Business Development Esbjerg and Kirk & Holm sat down to discuss the editorial content. After that Related has been responsible for all practical matter such as coordinating sources, interviews, writing, corrections etc. Within the short period of three weeks, the copywriter produced seven articles and features plus an editorial, setting the mood for the magazine.  
In this third issue, there are many inspiring stories about careers, culture and the people who live in Esbjerg County. You can read about Susanne Hessellund who has built one of the most successful helicopter companies in Denmark, or the young footballer, Jonas Knudsen, from EfB, who has struggled to prove his worth for many years. Of course, there are many more stories about themes such as Denmark’s second largest music venue, Tobakken, in Esbjerg, the green energy initiatives in Tjæreborg and the beautiful seaside nature in Hjerting.
- It is always a lot of fun to work on full magazines, because we get to produce all the material for the product. Each article must be able to communicate the message on its own, but as a finished product, it should still be interesting to read. This particular magazine has a quite wide target audience and it was important to us, that this would be reflected in the articles. We decided that the reader should get a sense of all the unique opportunities that Esbjerg has to offer as Denmark’s number one energy metropolis, says Trine Abild, Strategic Director at Related.
Have a look at the finished magazine here

About Business Development Esbjerg

Business Development Esbjerg develops and arranges partnerships between the business community, tourism, the public sector, knowledge institutions and other key parties who focus on innovation and growth in Esbjerg. The development center markets the Municipality of Esbjerg as a desirable place to settle, and a desirable place for education, work, entrepreneurship, running a business, training and meeting activities as well as being a holiday destination.

Business Development Esbjerg depends on the support from member companies – currently it has about 1,000 members.



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