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6. June 2011
Related picks up a challenge from the world´s toughest iron man
The world’s toughest iron man. That is what the Danish sports and family resort Club La Santa can label their annual event for athletes and people with cravings for extreme distances. To increase the knowledge about Club La Santa being the organizer of the iron man in the general public, Related put a PR effort in motion to get press coverage in a national media.

In recent years, Club La Santa has experienced a large increase in the registrations to their iron man.  The sport that offers 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42 km of running has become the new marathon. The trend is not only seen among athletes but also includes the man in the street who chooses to launch into the extreme distances.  

Press coverage in the national Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten
That was the story Related used to put focus on Club La Santa as the organizer of the world’s toughest iron man – a title Hawaii has been flaunting for many years but last year it conveyed to Club La Santa. The wind, the hilly landscape and the heat on the Canary Island decided the matter.

A pitch to the consumer and health supplement JP Puls in Jyllands-Posten, who was running a series of articles about the trend, opened up for the message from Club La Santa.

About Club La Santa

Club La Santa is located on the holiday island Lanzarote and is one of the leading sports and family resorts in the world. Here families get the opportunity to take an active holiday focusing on sports and exercise – and the resort offers professional athletes attractive training conditions as well as great facilities.

The sports and family resort is 100 percent Danish owned, and in 2008 they celebrated their 25 anniversary. Club La Santa has more than 30 different sports facilities as well as 40 guides and sporting instructors. The resort has approximately 50,000 visitors annually.


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