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8 November 2010
Color Line Takes the Reader into Account
The Norwegian shipping line Color Line has for more than two years sent out the electronic newsletter "Color Guest". Before issuing the first newsletter in 2008 Color Line worked out a strategy for the newsletter in collaboration with Related. The strategy established the guidelines for the target audience, content and frequency, and makes sure the newsletter matches the company’s overall communication strategy.

Gut Feeling vs. Knowledge
Since the first newsletter, the number of recipients has grown significantly, which indicated that the readers were satisfied with the newsletter. Though at Related we are not content to sit up against a strong gut feeling and therefore we recommended Color Line to conduct a satisfaction survey among the newsletter's readers:

- It is very valuable to have concrete figures and statements from a target audience to work with, so the content in the newsletters is continuously adjusted and improved. Furthermore, it is our experience that readers often possess good ideas about themes they miss in a newsletter, and they are often more than willing to share this knowledge with us - especially if there is a prize to win, explains Karin Toftegaard Matthiesen, who is Communications Specialist at Related.

Reader Survey gave New Input
Once a year the Color Line newsletter includes an online reader survey with prizes such as a digital camera. The response rate has been impressive at every survey where the readers have been asked about how often they would like to receive the newsletter, what they want to read about, and how much they read.

- We have received a lot of good and useful answers, which we - in collaboration with Color Line's marketing department - use when the newsletter's strategy is being adjusted. In a free text field in the survey the readers could write ideas for new content, and from that we realized that they would like to learn more about individual destinations in Norway and the practicalities of the ship, says Karin Toftegaard Matthiesen.

Results from readership survey are not the only facts that are used to adjust the content of the newsletter. Also statistics on which articles the readers click on in the newsletter is very important, and are compared to the readership survey to ensure that the newsletter continues to match the readers' needs and interests.


About Color Line

Color Line A/S is Norway’s largest – and one of Europe’s leading – shipping companies. Every year they move more than 4.3 million guests on the company’s six ships on the four international routes between Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

The shipping company is a subsidiary of Color Group ASA, and has an annual turnover of more than DKK4.5M and more than 3,000 employees throughout the Nordic countries – 160 of them in Denmark. The company was founded in 1990.


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