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24 April 2010
New conference brochures for the Comwell hotels

Conference guidance
The ten Danish hotels in the Comwell hotel chain have gone through some extensive changes over the last years, which meant that the old conference brochures were outdated and no longer reflected the new and refreshed Comwell hotels. So Comwell decided to create new brochures that would give a more accurate idea of the experiences you will have as a conference organiser at the hotels. Comwell is the first chain in Denmark to offer so-called Meeting Designers, who can guide and advise the meeting organiser or conference organiser in terms of working methods, team building activities, use of audio visual equipment etc.

“Because of their experience, the Meeting Designers can play a big role in helping the conference organiser and participants ensure that the conference lives up to its purpose and objectives”, explains senior adviser Henrik Eske from Related.

Focus on the unique hotel
Related has written all text for the next conference brochures. The challenge was to ensure that there was a common theme in the brochures and at the same time present the individual skills of each hotel. Finally they should also stress why Comwell offers the best locations in Denmark for conferences and meetings.

In order to solve the job in the best possible way, we decided to visit all ten hotels in Denmark to gain better insight into the facilities and to absorb the unique atmosphere of each hotel – from Comwell Sønderborg in the Southern part of Jutland to Comwell Borupgaard in the Northern part of Zealand. On our trip around the country we also interviewed all the hotel directors and let them explain in their own words what makes their hotel unique and worth visiting.


About Comwell

Comwell owns and runs hotels, spas and conference centres throughout Scandinavia.

Comwell introduced the conference centre concept to Denmark in 1969 under the name of Scanticon, and in 1992 Comwell brought the concept to the rest of Scandinavia. Since May of 2002 the company has been known in the Nordic countries as Comwell.

Comwell has a total of eleven hotels in Denmark and two in Sweden.


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