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27. April 2012
Related enters into PR agreement with Czech Tourism
Related can now add another country to their list of tourism clients. Czech Tourism has signed an agreement concerning PR in both Denmark and Norway which means that Related is now responsible for exposing the Danes and Norwegians to magnificent Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is already a popular holiday destination among the Danes which means that Related is facing a slightly different kind of task. One of the purposes with the collaboration is to ensure a mutual and beneficial cooperation with journalists and local media. The goal is to have the Czech Republic in the media more often – with new and exciting stories.

Check out the Czech Republic
But that should not be a problem. Because even though the Czech Republic - and especially the capital Prague - is already popular on the Nordic market, the country has much to offer.

- The Czech Republic has many great stories to tell, and it is now our job to locate and tell these stories. And that is precisely why Czech Tourism has chosen us as their Nordic PR partner. We have extensive knowledge of the Nordic media landscape and are greatly experienced and familiar with communication and PR in the tourism sector, says Henrik Koch, CEO at Related.

A traditional food and beer culture, unexplored natural experiences, golf, spa & wellness and winter sports, are just some of the things that the Czech Republic can offer. And these are the experiences and activities that need to be brought into focus through a strategic and continuous PR plan.

Extended collaboration concerning Travel Trade
A PR strategy is not the only thing that the new agreement will contain. Czech Tourism will also receive a helping hand with their travel trade in Denmark and Norway.

- Among other things, it means that we will seek out new opportunities for business partners, represent the Czech Republic at fairs and arrange relevant meetings, explains Pia Sørensen, Travel and Marketing Specialist at Related.

Besides the Czech Republic, Related is also working with The Croatian National Tourist Board, the Egyptian Tourist Board, and the Dominican Republic - among others.

About Czech Tourism

The Czech Republic was formed in 1993, but the country has a long and eventful history through its location in the heart of Europe.

The country is decorated with hundreds of ancient castles, abbeys and stately homes plus beautiful forests and mountains. In addition, the Czech Republic has a proud food and beer tradition and no less than 12 UNESCO sites. Every year there is a wealth of festivals focusing on for example music, food and beer – and the country also offers on a variety of resorts and spas - and 90 golf courses.

The Czech Republic is especially known for the capital city – also known as "The City of a Thousand Spires" - featuring romantic neighborhoods, glittering streets and the charming old Charles Bridge.

The short distance from Denmark and the reasonable prices have made the Czech Republic a popular destination for both family holidays, short breaks and active holidays - all year round.


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