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27 July 2010
The Danish Camping Board (Campingrådet) chooses Medieministeriet as strategic working partner

Since the spring of 2010 The Danish Camping Board - an organ between owner and user organisations in Danish camping - has been searching the market for an agency that could tailor a strategy aimed at bringing more foreign camping tourists to Denmark. Medieministeriet and four other agencies were invited to propose a new strategy for the period 2011-2013.

The Danish Camping Board liked the strategy developed by Medieministeriet and our sister company Aakjærs and chose to continue their further work based on these guidelines.

The strategy now needs to be adjusted and completed in cooperation with The Danish Camping Board – and at Medieministeriet we are looking forward to taking part in an innovate process aimed at putting Denmark on the European map as an attractive camping destination.


About The Danish Camping Board

The Danish Camping Board is a link between Danish owner organisations and user organisations and a series of other actors. The Danish Camping Board approves, classifies and monitors Denmark’s 454 campsites. Additionally, the camping board looks after the interests of campers with the authorities, just as they continually analyse and prognosticate Danish camping.

The members of the Danish Camping Board are 12 unions and organisations and three representatives for the Danish campsites.

The Danish Camping Board also works with VisitDenmark to market Danish camping abroad. Additionally, the Danish Camping Board markets camping holidays in Denmark.


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