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September 23, 2013
Blogger trip to Limfjorden in Denmark
Related recently launched a new branding platform for Enjoy Limfjorden. We are now working on the marketing plan related to the brand - and that includes among others an organized inspirational trip for a selected group of Nordic bloggers.

The aim of the new marketing plan is to motivate the tourists from other Nordic countries to select the area of Limfjorden as their new holiday destination. One of the tools we have chosen in corporation with Enjoy Limfjorden was to use blogger trips, where a number of bloggers are invited to experience and explore Limfjorden.
- We experience that the tourists are increasingly seeking inspiration and information via the web, when planning the holiday - and the blogs play a major role.  Bloggers have a much faster response time than traditional media and are often posting on their blogs from the hotel room at the very same night. It makes trips for bloggers an ideal way for destinations that quickly want to get their messengers and great stories out, explains Strategic Director and Partner at Related, Trine Abild.

Destination width are covered
Enjoy Limfjorden wanted to enhance their online presence and therefore blogs seemed to be an obvious choice of channel.
Related started planning and coordinating trips for bloggers from the Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Holland and Germany.

- The area of Limfjorden has much to offer as a holiday destination and it has been important to cover the width with the blogger trips. A big task for us consisted of carefully selecting the bloggers so they represented the chosen target audiences and organizing individual trips after their own wishes and the profile and readers of the blog in close cooperation with Enjoy Limfjorden, explains Trine Abild.

The first blogger trip has already been carried through and with success.  A Dutch food blogger and freelance food columnist has been tasting the culinary scene of Limfjorden, a Swedish family have experienced how Limfjorden accommodated their wishes for a great holiday while a third trip was arranged for a German travel blogger with focus on the sea and water.
One of the Swedish bloggers wrote later on his blog:

-It is beautiful and peaceful. The air is clear as in the mountains and beautiful sandy white beaches and nice small villages are to be found. We would like to return to Limfjorden.

During the fall Related will together with Enjoy Limfjorden be sending more bloggers on an experiential trip to the area of Limfjorden.

About Enjoy Limfjorden

The municipalities of Lemvig, Struer, Holstebro and Skive have come together to strengthen tourism in the Southwest Limfjord region through an international marketing project, which lasts until October 2014.


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