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4. June
Related introduces new branding platform for Enjoy Limfjorden
Related has unveiled a new branding platform for Enjoy Limfjorden at a large meeting of local tourist agencies and operators. The new brand is going to form the basis for the international marketing of the Limfjord area as one overall experience offer.

With pristine nature and several family-friendly beaches the Limfjord offers both activities and relaxation. The area already is a prominent tourist destination, having an enormous and untapped growth potential. Therefore, the four southwestern municipalities of the Limfjord - Skive, Holstebro, Struer and Lemvig - teamed up on the project, Enjoy Limfjorden, which aims to attract more tourists creating growth and jobs in the area.
In order to create a powerful brand with the ability to sell the Limfjord area in the international travel market, it is necessary to market the site and its offers as one single destination. Therefore, as part of the project to increase tourism, the Enjoy Limfjorden-team initiated a branding process in cooperation with Related.
The involvement of local players
Initially, the branding process consisted of an extensive research work in order to get a thorough understanding of what Limfjorden offers. Among others, the research consisted of interviews with the four tourism directors in the project, campground owners and museum directors who gave their opinions on the qualities of the tourist destination. 
On this basis, we discovered the primary strengths that created the new brand of Limfjorden. These strengths form the basis of the development of core massages, values, brand story, payoff and a new visual identity.
Four municipalities, one fjord, one story
Working with the brand has made the qualities of Limfjorden visible: stunning scenery, a fascinating cultural history, peace, quiet, superb cuisine from land and sea, authenticity and a clear sky. These strengths correspond to the development of the travel market, where more and more tourists are attracted to holidays with content, experiences and outdoor activities as well as getaways that recharge the batteries.
-The challenge has been to create a brand that is at the same time versatile and has all the strengths and differences of the area, as well as the edge to catch tourists' attention. But when it happens, it is a huge strength that the local players, who are going to bring out the brand to the tourists, feel part of the brand and are able to see themselves in the story, says Trine Abild from Related.
Therefore, the end of the branding process was a presentation in Holstebro Music Theatre, where all the tourist office staffs and all stakeholders in the area were invited. Here they got the opportunity to see the outcome of the process, which many of them have been part of. Additionally, they were able to contribute suggestions as well as input on how the brand can live.
With the new brand platform in place, now the actual marketing work can begin.

About Enjoy Limfjorden

The municipalities of Lemvig, Struer, Holstebro and Skive have come together to strengthen tourism in the Southwest Limfjord region through an international marketing project, which lasts until October 2014.


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