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January 22, 2014
On African adventures with Ethiopian Airlines
This November, Related invited seven Scandinavian journalists to explore the colorful destination of Ethiopia together with Africa’s fastest growing airline Ethiopian Airlines. The group returned to Scandinavia with the baggage full of new impressions and loads of inspiration for upcoming articles.

In September 2013, Related became a new client in Ethiopian Airlines. One of the activities planned for the first months of work was a press trip, where Related invited journalists from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The group was hosted by ET sales representative Paul Safranek and Related’s representative Hanna. After an enjoyable direct flight from Stockholm in ET’s business class Cloud Nine, the group arrived rested in Addis Ababa on a Monday morning.
To get an impression of the capital of Ethiopia, the group went on a guided city tour before visiting Ethiopian Airlines’ headquarter. The huge area, which includes great hangers for maintenance, was explored by bus. Thereafter the group had the great possibility to meet with the Marketing office for questions and further information.
As the stomachs started to rumble, the group enjoyed a traditional Ethiopian meal accompanied by music, dance and entertainment at a local restaurant. The specialties, including raw meat, were served on big silver plates and eaten with the fingers, which is the traditional, Ethiopian way.
A memorable night in complete darkness
After spending a night on a better Ethiopian hotel, the group flew to the mountain village Lalibela, one of Ethiopian Airlines’ 17 domestic destinations. Lalibela is specially known for its historic rock churches, why the day started with sightseeing followed by an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. The beans, which were roasted during the ceremony, gave the group a spectacular coffee-experience. Related’s representative tells that even for someone who doesn’t like coffee it was very tasty. 
This evening’s meal was enjoyed in a special restaurant with a spectacular view. Due to power failure it was an evening in total darkness but as it often is, this unexpected experience just made the trip more memorable.
Back in Addis Ababa, some ended the trip with sightseeing and visiting one of Africa’s biggest outdoor markets, Mercado, while others preferred relaxing and getting an effective massage in a lovely spa.
The articles 
The purpose of the trip was to inspire the participating journalists as well as the Scandinavian media to focus on Ethiopian Airlines and its routes to more than 60 African destinations. The trip has already resulted in some Scandinavian articles and there are more to come in 2014. In addition, the trip was inspiring for Related as it gave us further knowledge about Ethiopian Airlines and their product which will be useful in our future branding and promotion of the costumer.

Read the Norwegian journalist Bjørn Moholdt’s article from Lalibela here.

About Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) is Africa's fastest growing airline. Since the company was founded in 1946, Ethiopian has become one of the continents leading carriers, unrivalled in Africa for efficiency and operational success, turning profits for almost all the years of its existence.

For 10 years, the renowned airline has flown from Stockholm to Addis Ababa. The route is one of Scandinavia's best gateway to Africa and the rest of the world.

Since December 2011, Ethiopian Airlines was a member of Star Alliance, which provides passengers with an opportunity to earn EuroBonus points that can be redeemed on any alliance member airlines.

With 17 domestic and 76 international destinations on five continents, Ethiopan commands a lion's share of the pan-African network for transport and freight charges. The company's fleet includes ultra modern and environmentally friendly aircraft such as the Boeing 787, Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-200LR Freighter and Bombardier Q 400.


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