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April 4, 2014
Development of a new brand for Hærvejen
In Related we are pleased and proud to have landed another branding project to be developed in the coming months.

Hærvejen has through many years been an international destination for cycling and walking and every year many tourists travel to Denmark to experience Hærvejen or parts of it.

A collaboration between the Danish South and Central Regions and a large number of municipalities are now at the launch of an international branding project to ensure that Hærvejen’s favorable position is maintained and to utilize the great potential of the tourism industry even more.
In this connection Related made an offer for the project and we were of course very pleased and happy when we received the information that we have been chosen as partner of the branding project.
The project will continue through much of 2014 and involves both tourism organizations from the regions, municipalities and people from the local area along Hærvejen. The aim is through extensive research and involvement of stakeholders of the project to uncover Hærvejens’ distinctive features and formulate it in a way so it can create a foundation of the conceptual and visual brand of Hærvejen. As part of the brand development, focus will also be on creating and sharing experiences across organizations.
We are pleased soon to be able to unveil the new brand of Hærvejen.

About Hærvejen

Project Hærvejen is a branding and marketing cooperation, which the Danish Regions Syd and Midt are behind for the purpose of developing a unified brand for the destination Hærvejen.


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