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November 19, 2015
Inspirational Argentina events in the four Nordic capitals
The tourism board of Argentina, INPROTUR, is currently running a campaign called Argentina by you that focuses on the many different experiences the country has to offer. Therefore, Related was trusted with helping INPROTUR with coordinating and carrying out a number of events in the four Nordic capitals. In addition, Related represented INPROTUR at “Rejsemessen for Kvalitetsrejser” in Copenhagen.

The tourism board of Argentina, INPROTUR, is currently working hard on bringing awareness to Argentina as a part of their campaign “Argentina by you”. Therefore, they asked Related to help spread the word about Argentina on the Nordic market. 
During October and November, Related coordinated and conducted four events for the travel trade industry in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo - events that gathered approximately 100 tour operators in total. Moreover, Related represented INPROTUR at Rejsemessen for Kvalitetsrejser in Copenhagen - a trade fair that was visited by more than 16,000 travel loving guests. 
An inspirational glimpse of Argentina 
In connection with the four events, Related was in charge of drawing up and sending the invitations, following up with invitees as well as being present at all the events. 
At the four events, the participants were welcomed with a presentation of the different nature and cultural experiences that Argentina has to offer the Nordic tourists. As part of the campaign “Argentina for you”, INPROTUR has accompanied a number of tourists on their travels in Argentina to record inspirational videos of their experiences - and these were of course shown to the participating tour operators. 
In Helsinki and Oslo there were also organized workshops where tour operators got the opportunity to meet with eight different Argentine trade partners and learn more about the products they offer in the different regions of the country - a great opportunity to enter into new partnership agreements. The evenings ended with a seductive Argentine tango show, tasty Argentine wine and good food.
On Rejsemessen for Kvalitetsrejser, Related’s main task during the three days was to inspire the many visitors, inform them about Argentina and answer their questions.
- It is our clear experience that the travel trade fair and the four inspirational nights have created a renewed interest in Argentina on the Nordic market and has opened both tour operators’ and the Nordic tourists' eyes to the many opportunities that Argentina offers, says Related’s Hanna Johansson, who was responsible for the four events.


The tourism board of Argentina, INPROTUR (National Institute of Tourism Promotion) was established in 2005 to manage the international marketing of Argentina's touris attractions. The tourism board consist of five members, who represent the National Department of Tourism, three members appointet by the Chamber of Tourism of Argentina as well as thee members from the Federal Council of Tourism.  

Related work for INPROTUR through the Spanish agencyComunicación Iberoamericana, which plans and organises PR activities for the tourism board in all of Europe.   


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