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2. September 2011
Press release for Innovation Norway
A Norwegian ship with a TV crew on board transmitting live recordings of ocean, ports and mountains for 5.5 days without interruption became a very popular event in Norway this summer with great PR value, also internationally. Related helped the tourist organisation, Innovation Norway, to create awareness about the event in Denmark.

How do you call attention to a country so that both the nation and foreign nations pay attention? In Norway, the answer to that question has been quite surprising. In the beginning of the summer, the Norwegian TV station, NRK, aired the world’s longest live broadcast from a ship sailing along Norway’s coastline in 5.5 days while they filmed the slowly passing scenery. What may seem like the recipe for exceptionally boring TV became an event that stirred up things in Norway as well as created intensive awareness of the country and its beautiful nature outside the Norwegian borders.

Millions of people watched

The ride with the high-speed ferry, which is partly used for cruises and partly functions as a transportation route that has been transporting goods between Norway’s coastal cities since 1893, commenced its trip in mid June in Bergen. It sailed all the way to Kirkenes in northern Norway with brief stops in 34 coastal cities along the way. The journey, which is also called the world’s most beautiful sea voyage, resulted in 134 hours live TV, broadcasted on NRK2 and online. The media coverage of the well-known coastal route drew in numerous of Norwegians, who turned up on land and at sea to follow the ship’s journey, while nearly three million Norwegians followed from the TV screens. Before the five days had pasted, the event had developed into a regular folk festival and the ship was received by the Queen and Norwegian ministers at the last stop.

An event with great PR value

Even before the event started, the Danish branch of the tourist organisation, Innovation Norway, were aware of the great potential the event had in regards to creating awareness about Norway. In cooperation with Innovation Norway, Related issued a press release to alert the Danish media of the live transmission, which could also be seen on Innovastion Norway’s website. As the event progressed, the Danish media paid more and more attention to it, and in the following weeks, they diligently reported on the phenomenon, which resulted in a lot of media coverage of the voyage.

The extensive publicity in the Danish media also created a lot of awareness about the transmission among the Danes. According to NRK, 200,000 Danes followed the broadcast online and were hereby the nation that followed the live broadcast most closely, second only to the Norwegians.

The broadcast also caused a stir internationally. Viewers from 148 countries watched online, and countries, such as, USA, Germany and England where well represented in the statistics. Hereby, the transmission of the voyage became an event with great PR value, both in and outside Norway.

Afterwards, several European TV stations have purchased the recordings, including DR2, who will broadcast a 12 hour long summary of the transmission this fall. 

If you want to see all 134 hours, you can watch it here.

Photo: Andreas Mihatsch



About Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is a global organisation with its headquarters in Oslo. The organisation offers services and programmes intended to promote Norway as a travel destination and contribute to developing the districts and increasing innovation in trade nationwide.

Innovation Norway has eighteen offices in Norway and more than 30 offices in countries around the world.


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