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22 October 2006
PR-activities for Jesperhus

When hearing the word ´Jesperhus’, most people think of a beautiful flower garden in a distant corner of Jutland - but Jesperhus is so much more than that. Related was hired in the spring of 2006 to increase the press coverage on the great tourist attraction in the Northern part of Jutland.

Jesperhus is no longer just a flower park. It is true that several years ago the one million flowers at Jesperhus were the main attraction for tourists who visited the park. But today the park has been expanded to include a resort with luxury cottages and each season the park launches new attractions like a 4D cinema.

Timing is everything
Related went through possible stories and chose the ones that would be suitable for press activities. We then compiled a plan for production and publication of the press releases in order to match the PR activities with the opening of the park and the launch of new investments.

The press releases were sent out to a series of national newspapers as well as specialist magazines and tourism magazines. The result was media coverage in a diverse range of media like Ekstra Bladet, Camping og Fritid and Morsø Folkeblad.


About Jesperhus

Jesperhus is the largest flower park in Northern Europe and is spread out on twenty acres on Nykøbing Mors. In addition to two million flowers, the park has a variety of animals and activities, such as a 4D cinema. The park also has a vacation centre where guests can live in campers, tents, cabins or vacation houses.

Jesperhus is a family-owned business, started by Edith and Niels Overgaard in the 1960s. The park first opened in 1966.


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