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19. June 2013
Greece to be partner at the 2014 travel fair in Herning
Greece has been selected as partner country for next year's "Holidays for All" fair in Herning, which means extra focus on the country. Related has been involved in realizing this ambition.

In recent years, the holiday fair in Herning has had Denmark, USA and Norway as partners, but next year it is time to focus on the sun and the beach. Therefore, Greece under the auspices of the North Events, also known as Kalimera Greece - and in cooperation with the Greek Tourist Office - will be partner country for the fair in 2014.

Related has been involved in this achievement. As the Greek North Events' extended arm in the Nordic market, Related has helped to arrange the meeting between the direction of the travel fair and North Events - a collaboration that has already begun as a pilot project at the fair in 2013.

Partnership means extra focus on Greece
To be partner country means that there will be extra focus on just that country during the three-day-long travel fair in Herning which is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia. The extra focus can include a large and nice stand, extra focus on the country at the fair's opening event as well as events and activities, all presenting the Greek holiday opportunities in the best way. The partnership will also lead to additional press activities and events.

Already this year, Greece was a major attraction at the fair. Related assisted the Greek team from North Events at the stand and helped to organize competitions about travels to the destination and to distribute samples, resulting in queues of Greece-interested visitors.

About North Events

North Events, also branded as Kalimera Greece, is a Greek company with tourism as one of its focus areas. In many of its projects North Events is working in close cooperation with the Greek Tourist Office in Scandinavia.

North Events is representing Greek hotels, destinations and regions on the Nordic markets and does also offer services such as project management, events, workshops and campaigns to promote Greece as a travel destination in Scandinavia.


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