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12. December 2012
New client in the travel industry with expertise in social media
Creative thinking was in focus when Rejse Eksperterne, in collaboration with the Moroccan Tourist Office in Stockholm, recently launched a project to increase interest in Morocco. Instead of arranging a traditional press tour for journalists, the travel agency sent 17 bloggers to Marrakech in Morocco.

Bloggers are becoming increasingly important to the formation of public opinion - also when it comes to travelling habits. The most popular blogs have thousands of followers who are inspired by the bloggers’ authentic experiences from everyday life.

Rejse Eksperterne utilized this trend to arrange a trip for selected bloggers to Marrakech. The bloggers were given the opportunity to experience Morocco, resulting in many interesting posts about everything from the country's food, fashion and design to posts about lifestyle and cultural experiences.

Related was responsible for creating press coverage of the project in Danish media. The task was handled with a national press release and press release with a local angle targeted at Northern Jutland, as several of the bloggers were from that part of the country.

About Rejse Eksperterne

Rejse Eksperterne has more than 10 years of experience in the travel industry, and has many years’ routine offering Danes experiences in, among other places, Asia, South America and Africa, where Morocco in particular is a country of expertise.

Rejse Eksperterne operates with a strategy of offering customers a high degree of service, which for example is maintained by having collaborators in all countries where the travel agency is represented.


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