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7. June 2012
New website to brand the beautiful city of Ry
Related has been responsible for strategy and concept development, project management, and copywriting for the new Ry website. The great local effort gathers news, information and calendar, so that citizens and tourists now only need to visit this one channel to be updated on events and other news of the city.

In the city of Ry, they have what they call the Ry-spirit, a unique unity and a strong interest in the city's best. And now they also have a common portal and online profile. The new website will bring together the citizens even more, while also telling tourists and prospective settlers what a beautiful place Ry is.

Cooperation with Midtjyllands Avis is integrated with Midtjyllands Avis' web section,, and the website is thus constantly updated with news and events from the area. This means that the citizens of Ry do not have to search multiple locations for input to this weekend's experiences or important information.

Besides functioning as a news portal for citizens, the site also reflects Ry’s beautiful surroundings. Therefore, among other things, there has been much focus on the web design, where beautiful natural images have been prioritized. For the tourists in Ry, the website offers an effortless structure, and the information is easily accessible and well written - both in Danish and English.

See the site for yourself right here 

About Ry Fonden

Ry Fonden is founded by a number of local partners with a mutual interest to brand Ry in the best way possible.



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