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April 16, 2014
Related helps SWISS launching a new Nordic air route
The Norwegians and Swedes are almost born with their skis on but how do you get them to fly with SWISS to the Alps to go skiing? Related asked about their skiing habits and dreams in a big survey and based on the findings, a campaign containing press releases and a Facebook competition were launched. The campaigns resulted in more than 50 press clippings and an exposure of 650 skiing enthusiasts on Facebook. The winner of the Facebook-campaign won 365 free flights with SWISS to the Alps.

The Swiss airline company SWISS has recently launched direct air routes to the Alps from the Scandinavian capitals, and they would like to communicate it to the Swedes and Norwegians in a creative way.  Related looked closer at the skiing habits and wishes of the Scandinavians in order to create a suitable campaign.

In collaboration with the research agency A&B Analyse we conducted a survey among Norwegians and Swedes and asked about their favorite skiing destination, skiing habits and what considerations they had when choosing a skiing destination. Thereby the campaign could be based on statistical data rather than gut feeling. 
Surprising answer
The challenge was that the target audience are resident in countries filled with skiing destinations – so how do you communicate a message saying they should travel to the Alps instead? 

-The survey provided a surprising answer showing that more than 50 % of the Norwegians and Swedes are dreaming of more sun and warmth on their skiing trip than they can get home in the Scandinavian hills. And the reason why they do not go skiing in the Alps is that they think it is too expensive and difficult to go there, explains Karin Toftegaard Matthiesen, who has been coordinating the campaign.
A campaign in two parts 
The campaign was therefore divided in two parts; a press activity in Sweden and Norway covering the results based on the survey and the new SWISS ski air route. With the new direct air routes from the Scandinavian capitals it is no longer difficult and expensive for the Norwegians and Swedes to go skiing in the Alps – and they can fulfil their dream about sun and warmth on their skiing holiday.
As the second part of the campaign we created a Facebook-competition, where Norwegians and Swedes were encouraged to upload a creative photo of their skis running away to the Alps. The photo with the most votes won a year of unlimited flights to the Alps with SWISS.
The winner of the Facebook-competition was a Norwegian woman and she has already been on her first trip with SWISS to the Alps – and in addition to that we experienced a great press coverage generated by the campaign.


Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is the national airline of Switzerland. Together with 16 million passengers boarding the airplanes every year, SWISS serves 84 destinations in 40 countries around the world.

SWISS is a member of the Star Alliance, the world’s biggest airline network and is a part of the Lufthansa Group.


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