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October 24, 2014
Exotic island vibe in Scandinavian capitals
Off the coast of East Africa, the little island paradise Seychelles is found. The Nordic tourism industry had the pleasure of experiencing the exotic destination closer when representatives from the islands went on a four-day roadshow together with Related in the Scandinavian capitals to share their piece of paradise.

White sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal clear water and tropical fish in all colors imaginable. Not exactly what you think of Scandinavia in the middle of autumn, but nevertheless it was this atmosphere that Seychelles Tourism Board brought along, when they met the Nordic tourism industry in Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm. As a representative of the island paradise in the North, Related coordinated the whole roadshow from program development to the invitation of the participants.

The purpose of the roadshow was to put the Seychelles on the Scandinavian radar, but also to establish personal contact between tour operators in Seychelles and in the Nordic countries and present news and inspiration from the paradise destination.
Great experience with event planning 
Related have a large network in the tourism industry and many years of experience in organizing events, workshops and press events. That is why the four-day roadshow was well received. 
- It was a great organized road show, which we were really excited to participate in. I was particularly amazed by the number of participants in the four cities - that exceeded my expectations. We hope to be able to participate in similar roadshows in the future, says Ingo Jacobs, sales representative for Seasons In Africa, who arranges travel trips to the Seychelles.
The roadshows in the Nordic capitals were all ended with a delicious three-course meal and a thrilling competition. The winner won the full experience of the country with a trip to the island paradise of the Seychelles sponsored by Emirates.

About Seychelles Tourism Board

The Seychelles Tourism Board is responsible for implementing Seychelles' national tourism policy. This includes promoting the destination, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, product development and coordinating with its tourism offices, representative agencies and Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors around the world. 

The Seychelles Tourism Board is a public/private organization, which was founded in April 2005.


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