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July 4, 2013
Video News Release about the dragon festival gave Sydvestjylland publicity in the national media
The world's largest dragon festival was held at the island Fanø in Denmark on the 15th - 28th of June. The large and beautiful dragons are a sight for themselves. Relateds video producer has been on Fanø to capture the scenario with her camera. Clips have turned into a video press release, which has resulted in press coverage for our client Destination Sydvestjylland in national media and TV channel DR Weather. The total advertising value was more than 20089 euro.

Fanø International Dragon Festival is a true firework of color, creativity and entertainment attracting 5,000 participants and spectators from around the world. Up to 20,000 dragons adorn the sky among the stunning setting created by the island's wide, sandy beaches and the crashing waves of the North Sea during the 13 days, the festival lasts.
We estimated that an event of this caliber was great not only to be communicated through words but also through a video news release. Between showers and torrential rain we sent our video producer off to Fanø, and she managed to get a lot of great clips.

Free festival for all
It is free to participate in the dragon festival and organizers also emphasizes the great importance of the event being open to everyone. The participants include almost every age group and have come from around the world to view the many impressive dragons and even fly with their own homemade ones.

Besides the great dragon pictures we also got the opportunity to interview the festival's many international guests. Among others a Chinese guest who was very impressed with the beach and the event as a whole - he promised to recommend the festival far and wide when he got home.
Moving images gave publicity
It was not just the Chinese dragon enthusiast that was excited - even the Danish media gave the story space in the news. At first, our task was to edit the video so it was tempting for the media to use – this means, the film was built up as a news story with interviews and narration bringing life to the story -  something the media often demand.
The video press release proved its potential as both DR Weather and Jyllands-Posten Web TV published the news and showed our film.

See the feature in DR weather here
See the feature in Jyllands-Posten Web TV here

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