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20. April 2012
Croatian barbeque-event was a great success
Truffles, barbeque buffet, and red wine seasoned with exciting presentations, nice spring weather, and a beautiful view. The menu was complete when the Croatian Tourist Board invited travel journalists and travel agents in for a casual presentation of gourmet and camping in Istria.

It was almost like being in Croatia; the sun was shining, the scent of Croatian grilled specialties filled the air and Croatia-interested people socialised with local Croatians. It was a very authentic afternoon on Amerikakaj in Copenhagen when our barbeque event successfully brought the Istrian camping and gourmet into focus.

New knowledge and fun facts
It all started with a presentation given by the local tourist board in Istria. The presentation focused on Istria as a camping destination, and gave a good insight into the area's potential for travel agents.

During the presentation, the participants were offered biska - the national brandy from Croatia. Though it was still in the morning, the surprising and quirky initiative was well received.

Besides the biska, the participants also got solid background knowledge of Istria. For example, it was told that half of all campsites in Croatia are located in Istria and the large peninsula accounts for 25-30 percent of all tourist influx to the country.

The good company (almost) trumps the truffles
After the presentation there was time for questions from the participants before moving on to an essential part of camping: barbecuing. The round tables were arranged with a delicious three-course barbeque menu accompanied by Croatian ingredients like truffles, olive oil and delicious wines.

Although the Mediterranean style barbeque buffet aroused joy, it could not completely silence the participants, who all seized the opportunity to expand their networks and exchange Croatia experiences with each other.

Istria is located 1,500 kilometers from Copenhagen and is the largest peninsula of the Adriatic.


About The Croatian National Tourist Board

The Croatian National Tourist Board is a tourist board formed for the purpose of promoting Croatia, furthering tourism in the country and enhancing the reputation of Croatia.

The main office is located in Croatia. The Danish office works under the Scandinavian office in Stockholm. The Croatian National Tourist Board is represented in more than eighteen countries.


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