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19. August 2011
Digital communication: New Facebook-page for Croatia
For the past three years, Related has been working on making Croatia known as a great and versatile vacation spot among Danish tourists. One of our latest initiatives is a specially designed Facebook-page with useful and inspiring travel information, visitors’ own vacation tips, nice picture archives and much more.

There are many considerations to make before a company, brand or tourist destination establishes a Facebook-page. The most important thing to sort out is resource consumption and the purpose of the site; otherwise, the initiative might communicatively backfire. For a company, a dull Facebook-page is worse than not having one at all and should therefore not be established simply because “Everybody has one” or because “It might be fun to try out”.

We, therefore, initiated the task with a strategic briefing to clarify the whole foundation of the page: What should it communicate, who is the primary target group, how should it be updated and so on. Hereafter, the graphical development phase followed before the more extensive work on the text could be commenced.

Specially designed page
The Danish Facebook-page for the Croatian National Tourist Board has been given the name “Ferie i Kroatien” (Vacation in Croatia). Not only does the page contain the traditional menu items, such as, “Wall” and “Pictures”, but it also has several specially developed items, such as, “Guide to Croatia” and “Share your best vacation tips”. The front-page has also been given a facelift compared to a standard Facebook-page with a number of pictures illustrating some of the many possible vacation forms in the Mediterranean paradise.

The page not only provides information, but it also presents tourists with a new platform for engaging in dialogue with the Croatian National Tourist Board and each other. We therefore encourage tourists to ask their Croatia related questions on the page’s wall. We will post the answers to the questions on the wall so that others can benefit from them instead of having to ask the same questions again. At the same time, tourists can get in contact with each other and share their best vacation tips as well as comment on others’ tips in the debate forum.

Shortly, there will also be competitions, debates and votes on the Facebook-page and it will be updated continuously with news on events from Croatia, special places to go and links to travel items from Danish magazines.


About The Croatian National Tourist Board

The Croatian National Tourist Board is a tourist board formed for the purpose of promoting Croatia, furthering tourism in the country and enhancing the reputation of Croatia.

The main office is located in Croatia. The Danish office works under the Scandinavian office in Stockholm. The Croatian National Tourist Board is represented in more than eighteen countries.


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