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8 November 2010
Fam trip to Istria and Kvarner Bay
From the 14th to the 18th of November 12 agents from 11 different agencies will join a fam trip to Croatia. The tour is organized to present the tourist offers in the already well visited regions of Istria and the Kvarner Bay.

The trip is planned at the head quarters of CNTB in Zagreb, and Related's role has been to invite agents and manage flight plans and ad hoc coordination. The 12 agents come from different parts of the travel industry, including MICE agencies, adventure agencies and charter agencies. Some of them already have Croatia in their program and others are visiting the country for the first time to learn more about the possibilities to send Danish tourists on vacation in Croatia.

The trip will show the agents several destinations as well as a great number of hotels – and they will also meet the Croatian culture through events like music shows and local wine tastings. The program will furthermore include a workshop where the Danish agents meet with Croatian tour operators and hotels managers to discuss business cooperation.     

All travel and living expenses on the fam trip is covered by the Croatian National Tourist Board.

About The Croatian National Tourist Board

The Croatian National Tourist Board is a tourist board formed for the purpose of promoting Croatia, furthering tourism in the country and enhancing the reputation of Croatia.

The main office is located in Croatia. The Danish office works under the Scandinavian office in Stockholm. The Croatian National Tourist Board is represented in more than eighteen countries.


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