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6 August 2010
First time in Denmark: Croatian wine tasting

Related, the Croatian National Tourist Board and Croatian wine distributor Mediterra held the first Croatian wine tasting in Denmark in June 2010. Mediterra brought more than 40 wines from different Croatian regions with them to the event – and it took the guests 3 hours to try the large selection.

“Croatian wine dates back to the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who brought wine to Croatia. Since then the Croats have developed a strong tradition for producing wine, but until recently you had to travel to the country to taste it as they didn’t produce enough for export. But now they do, and we would like to show that to the Danish wine resellers”, says PR manager Mia Nielsen from the Croatian National Tourist Board in Denmark.

Next stop: Jutland
The wine tasting at Nimb in Copenhagen met the expectations of the organisers fully, with a large number of guests including wine resellers, journalists and people from the travel industry in Denmark. Therefore it has been decided to have another event in Jutland in November 2010 where the wine tasting will be expanded with other gastronomic specialties from Croatia.


About The Croatian National Tourist Board

The Croatian National Tourist Board is a tourist board formed for the purpose of promoting Croatia, furthering tourism in the country and enhancing the reputation of Croatia.

The main office is located in Croatia. The Danish office works under the Scandinavian office in Stockholm. The Croatian National Tourist Board is represented in more than eighteen countries.


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