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November 29, 2013
Related creates massive press coverage of the Croatian National Tourist Board
Recently, Related initiated a search for the sender of a message in a bottle, which was found by a half Danish boy on the Croatian island of Korcula. What began as a small search, resulted in nationwide media coverage of the Croatian National Tourist Board in a number of national media, including the Danish radio show, “Go’ Morning P3”.

In 1978 the then 8-year-old Kim Larsen threw a message in a bottle into the water from a boat outside the Caribbean island of St. Croix.
Over the next three decades the bottle drifted around the world - first across the Atlantic Ocean and then through the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea - to finally wash up on the shore of the Croatian island of Korcula in Dalmatia. By chance, the bottle with the message was discovered by a half Danish boy, who was on holiday with his family in Croatia.
It was not until five years later, when the family contacted the Croatian National Tourist Board in Denmark, that the sender was localized.

An unusual task for the Croatian National Tourist Board
As representative of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Denmark, Related became aware of this marvelous story - and began bringing the two Danes together.
- It is a very unusual task for the Croatian National Tourist Board in Denmark compared to the ones we normally handle, advising tourists about Croatia. However, we saw huge potential in the story and when we first began to search, we were overwhelmed by the amount of response from people across the country, says Karin Toftegaard, Account Executive at Related.
Huge media coverage
- As part of the media effort, we launched a search for Kim Larsen in the Danish travel media, after which the story spread fast, ending up on the two Danish national radio shows, “Go’ Morgen P3” and “P4 København, Karin Toftegaard continues.
The effort generated an advertising value of over a quarter of a million DKK - and after a few days of searching we found the sender, Kim Larsen, who in the meantime had turned 43 years old. He was glad to be given the opportunity to greet the half Danish boy, who found the note in Croatia and thereby complete the story, which began 35 years ago.

About The Croatian National Tourist Board

The Croatian National Tourist Board is a tourist board formed for the purpose of promoting Croatia, furthering tourism in the country and enhancing the reputation of Croatia.

The main office is located in Croatia. The Danish office works under the Scandinavian office in Stockholm. The Croatian National Tourist Board is represented in more than eighteen countries.


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