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7. April 2011
The Dominican Republic invites Related to a Caribbean party
There is always a party going on in The Dominican Republic – and now the party will continue in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Related's task will be to coordinate and carry out the tourist destination’s press activities in the four countries in corporation with CEO Yvonne Cocco and her team, who run The Dominican Republic’s tourist office in Stockholm.

The Dominican Republic has everything Scandinavians dream about and associates with a holiday in the Caribbean. On the island, you will find many fabulous tourist attractions and some of the world’s finest golf courses, great shopping and diving opportunities, dancing, music and magnificent buildings. Now the Scandinavians will get to know this beautiful island better.     

-For quite a long time, The Dominican Republic has felt like doing more goal-oriented PR but due to busyness, they have decided to add some extra hands and heads to help out. They have chosen us as business partner because we have local knowledge about the Nordic markets as well as great expertise within the tourism field in general. We look forward to help them make their PR work more strategic and coherently as well as telling the good and interesting stories about the country, says Henrik Koch, CEO in Related.  

The search for new PR opportunities
However, PR is not the only thing Related will assist The Dominican Republic with.

- We will also lend them a hand with their travel trade in the four countries. That means we will seek out opportunities to get new business partners, represent The Dominican Republic at fairs and help them with booking of relevant meetings, says Trade and Marketing Specialist Pia Sørensen and she continues:

- When we sign a new client, we always start with a thorough research. First, we will take a look at what has been written and said about the client. Secondly, what kind of agents is representing them on different markets and finally, how is their current image. After that we can look forward with a view to creating an overview of all the new opportunities at hand.  

The Dominican Republic – “has it all”
The Dominicans brands the country through the slogan “has it all” – and it is hard to disagree with them. The Republic is often described as a miniature continent with everything the heart desires – from sandy beaches and shading palm trees to tall, majestic mountains. The island has a lot of luxury resorts with plenty of activities for families, the adventurous as well as the romantic newly-weds on their honeymoon. With 650 kilometers of white sandy beaches, there is room for everyone who needs a holiday in the kingdom of far far away.    

But perhaps the biggest tourist attraction is the cheerful and friendly inhabitants who are always ready to help you and who never let an opportunity to dance merengue or bachata pass them by.

About The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic – often referred to as “The Republic of Colours” - lies approximately 1,000 km south of Miami and is the second largest country in the Caribbean. With the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, the country offers more than 1,600 km of white sandy beaches to the tourists. 

In the Nordic countries, The Dominican Republic is represented through the Nordic head office in Stockholm.


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