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October 16, 2013
Trade event with the Dominican Republic Tourism Board
At the end of August, the unique city district in Copenhagen, Ørestaden, created the perfect setting as the Danish travel agency, Spies, invited for two Caribbean nights.

The event was held for VIP clients, aiming to raise awareness of the Caribbean as a destination that continues to rise in popularity among the Danes. The event also provided the opportunity for Spies to launch their new premises and present their winter program as well as their exciting new travel destination Aruba.
As a representative of the Dominican Republic in the Nordic region, Related had the responsibility to guide and advice from our own stand where brochures and materials were widely distributed to the 300 loyal guests. Thus, some already booked a trip to the Dominican Republic while others are leaving in the near future.
Increasing interest in the Caribbean destinations
The event embraced the fact that Caribbean tourism will continue to grow. More and more people want a piece of the exciting Caribbean destinations.
-It has been two successful evenings at the preview of our new premises here in Copenhagen. Our loyal clients have been active in the event and with a focus on the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic the sales have been very positive, says managing director of Spies, Jan Vendelbo.
In addition to dialogue with the Dominican Republic, participants were presented with a Caribbean-inspired buffet, evocative Merengue dance and the opportunity to see how you roll a genuine Cuban cigar with your bare hands.

About The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic – often referred to as “The Republic of Colours” - lies approximately 1,000 km south of Miami and is the second largest country in the Caribbean. With the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, the country offers more than 1,600 km of white sandy beaches to the tourists. 

In the Nordic countries, The Dominican Republic is represented through the Nordic head office in Stockholm.


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