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13. July 2011
Well off with new PR strategy

In April 2011 Related signed a contract with the Dominican Republic Tourist Board who wanted to get more value in regards to their Scandinavian PR activities. One month’s research on the client, a start-up meeting with the representatives from the office in Stockholm, a new PR strategy and we were on the move to optimize the Dominican Republic’s press efforts in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The election of Dominican Republic as the most budget friendly travel destination was the kick off for more than 30 press clippings in both national newspapers and on travel and business sites all over Scandinavia. And there was Caribbean style celebrating when Dominican Republic for the first time ever got coverage in Norwegian’s largest national newspaper VG that is read daily by more than 1,000,000 Norwegians.

Where are the good stories going?
- There was never a lack of good PR stories in the Scandinavian office in Stockholm, but their challenge has been to find the time and the resources to make them come alive. At the same time they have focused too much on writing the good story instead of finding the right recipients. I believe that we more than quadrupled the existing media lists that was sent to us for inspiration, states Mia Nielsen, who is project manager for all activities related to the Dominican Republic.

Related will continuously send out press releases for the Dominican Republic and this summer and fall will offer more fun facts about whale safaris, the Merengue festival as well as golfing and weddings in the Dominican Republic.

See the press coverage in VG here

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About The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic – often referred to as “The Republic of Colours” - lies approximately 1,000 km south of Miami and is the second largest country in the Caribbean. With the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, the country offers more than 1,600 km of white sandy beaches to the tourists. 

In the Nordic countries, The Dominican Republic is represented through the Nordic head office in Stockholm.


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