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April 22, 2014
Related starts up a new cooperation with Greece
After a successful cooperation with Greece in connection with the travel fair “Ferie for Alle”, Related continues the cooperation with the popular holiday destination. In future, Related will perform multiple tasks for Greece including analyses and measurements of the Nordic market.

Related will assist the Greek Tourism Board with reports and analyses which will provide the Greek holiday destination with greater insight of the tourists in the Nordic market. The tasks are an extension of a cooperation based on the travel fair in Herning this February.
Success on the travel fair
Since Greece was selected partner country of this year's travel fair, Related has assisted with various press and trade tasks. Both prior to, during and after the fair, there have been numerous marketing activities and events to ensure Greece's profiling and branding.

After a long financial crisis, Greece is once again among the top favorite holiday destinations in the Nordic countries. 

New tasks
Since the newly established cooperation was off to a great start, Greece would like to see it continuing. Therefore Related will among other things assist with trend analyses and market reports in relation to the travel behavior based on the Nordic tourists.

Director of the Greek Tourism Board in Stockholm, Villy, Stavroula Skaltsi, is delighted to continue the cooperation:
- We have been very happy with Related as a media- and trade partner throughout the whole process where the activities during the travel fair in Herning brought the attention towards Greece. I am looking forward to continue the cooperation and expand the activities, Villy says.

About The Greek Tourism Board

Greece is located in south Europe, in the eastern part of the Mediterranean sea. The country consists of mainland full of diversity and 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Greek Archipelago, of which only 227 islands are inhabited.

Greece is a country blessed with incredible history, culture, a very rich cultural background that goes centuries back but also continues to develop in the most extraordinary way, amazing nature and landscapes that can offer moments of adventure and harmony depending on what the traveler seeks. Challenge your sense of exploration by travelling to Greece and discovering it over and over again.


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