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April 15, 2014
African feeling on Facebook for Kenya Tourism Board
79% of the Nordic travelers find inspiration online when going travelling, and especially young people are using social media. That’s why Related created a Facebook page for Kenya Tourism Board – to inspire travelers to explore Kenya’s many opportunities as destination.

Among Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Finns, 79% find their travel inspiration online and 25% of the travelers under the age of 35 are especially inspired by social media. To reach the many who search online, Related created a Facebook page for Kenya Tourism Board.

The aim with the Kenyan Facebook profile is not only to inspire Nordic travelers to explore what Kenya has to offer, but also to inspire tour operators and travel agents to use the Kenyan page in their daily work with their clients. At the same time, it opens up a possibility of advertising on the popular social media.
Kick-off competition
The page is still in its early stage, and planes are made for upcoming activities. E.g. a raffle has been initiated to give the Kenyan profile a good start, where lots are drawn among the first likes of the page. Until May 12th three happy winners can look forward to great Kenyan reading with the bestseller An African Love story.  
Targeting all Nordic countries
Curious adventurers and tour operators can find several picture galleries on the Facebook page and the vision is to build up a solid picture gallery, reflecting all facets of Kenya.
The posts on the page will often be in English and addressed to all the Nordic countries while other posts can be targeted to – and only visible for – each region or country. The possibilities are many and Related is looking forward to exploring and using them on behalf of Kenya Tourism Board.
Follow Magical Kenya’s Scandinavian Facebook page here:

About the Kenya Tourism Board

The Kenya Tourism Board was established in 1997 for the purpose of promoting Kenya, furthering tourism and enhancing the country’s reputation.

In the Nordic countries, Kenya is represented by via the main office in Stockholm, which cooperates with local PR agencies in order to strengthen the reputation of Kenya in the respective countries.



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