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March 25, 2014
African rhythms on Roadshow in the Nordic countries
In mid-March, Related organized multiple activities for Kenya Tourism Board in the Nordic countries. Roadshows, meetings and interviews were conducted in the course of two weeks in the Nordic capital cities with the travel fair in Gothenburg as marking the end. The positive results of the fair are already apparent.

Together with Hanna Johansson, Account manager in Related - two representatives from Kenya Tourism Board's headquarters in Nairobi, visited Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm in mid-March. In addition to new acquaintances and exciting activities, there was one thing that made the experience something special – snow, which one of the Kenyan representatives never had experienced before. 
Kenyan roadshow
The roadshows in the Nordic capitals were organized by Related and many journalists and tour operators came to experience African dance and music, Kenyan food and news directly from Kenya. 
Five tour operators and hoteliers from Kenya attended the successful event and they all had been looking forward to making new contacts and share the latest news of the country.
During the roadshow in Stockholm the African DJ played happy rhythms – even the Kenyan ambassador was lured on to the dance floor. 
Fair and meetings
In Helsinki and Stockholm interviews and meetings were coordinated to update the press and tour operators in terms of new activities in the country. 

To end the tour in great style, Grace Maina, Assistant Regional Marketing Manager at KTB, visited together with Hanna Johansson the travel fair TUR in Gothenburg before the Kenyan guests once again had to set off for warmer climes.
Great results
The visit to the Nordic countries has already resulted in many new acquaintances and contacts for Kenya Tourism Board. Over the next two weeks Kenya Tourism Board was in contact with more than 60 travel agencies and approx. 15 media. Overall there is an increasing interest in sending tourists to Kenya. 

About the Kenya Tourism Board

The Kenya Tourism Board was established in 1997 for the purpose of promoting Kenya, furthering tourism and enhancing the country’s reputation.

In the Nordic countries, Kenya is represented by via the main office in Stockholm, which cooperates with local PR agencies in order to strengthen the reputation of Kenya in the respective countries.



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