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September 12, 2013
Kenya has chosen Related as Nordic PR- and marketing partner
At Related we can now add another country to our list of tourism clients. Kenya has signed an agreement concerning PR and marketing in the Nordic countries. This means that Related is now responsible for boosting awareness of the African safari land as a destination among Nordic tourists.

Safari, Karen Blixen and pristine bounty beaches will be in focus at Related this autumn. With Kenya as a new client, we are going to manage PR and marketing activities in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. As a first step, we will develop a PR and marketing strategy; afterwards, next step will be for us to arrange press tours and study trips as well as develop campaigns and strengthen media relations in the Nordic countries.

Additionally, Related will also serve as the Kenyan tourist office in Stockholm and handle all contact with the Nordic tourists, who are looking for information about Kenya as a holiday destination.
Focusing on the exotic beauty of Kenya, Related will represent the country on trade fairs in all of the Nordic countries. Furthermore, we will organize events for the travel business and cooperate with different partners in strengthening the brand of the East African country.
- Kenya is a fantastic and exciting destination, which we are honored to introduce to the Nordic market. Through intensive cooperation with travel agents and travel agencies, we wish to make it easier for the Nordic tourists to visit Kenya, says Henrik Koch, CEO at Related. 
This year, the fascinating African country can celebrate its 50 years of independence – an occasion, which will also be emphasized in our communications effort.
Kenya - The magic of Africa
However, the anniversary will not be the only focus point when striving to increase the awareness of Kenya. The African country brands itself under the slogan “Magical Kenya”. And it is easy to understand why. The country has everything to offer for Scandinavians to realise the holiday of their dreams.
-Kenya has a lot of strengths, which we want to communicate. In Kenya, you will find everything you are looking for on your dream holiday, whether it is exotic culture, beautiful, pristine beaches or fascinating wildlife and landscapes. And the time difference is just 1-2 hours, which means there is no considerable risk of jetlag, says Hanna Johansson, who is responsible for the Kenya account at Related.
The country offers a wide range of great tourist attractions and some of the world’s best safaris, which will now be introduced to the Nordic tourists. 

Read more about Kenya here:

About the Kenya Tourism Board

The Kenya Tourism Board was established in 1997 for the purpose of promoting Kenya, furthering tourism and enhancing the country’s reputation.

In the Nordic countries, Kenya is represented by via the main office in Stockholm, which cooperates with local PR agencies in order to strengthen the reputation of Kenya in the respective countries.



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