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May 15, 2014
Maasais, face painting and Kenyan jewelry in Borås Zoo
Roaring lions, traditional massai dance and true safari feeling was what awaited the about 2,000 visitors at Borås Zoo near Gothenburg this weekend, as the zoo in cooperation with Kenya Tourism Board focused on Kenyan culture and traditions.

To learn more about Kenya, more than thousand children and their parents took part at the Kenya theme days in the Monkey House at Borås Zoo in Sweden this weekend. To get the real Kenyan atmosphere safari hats where handed out to the children, who got to know more about the East African country through presentations and film viewing, organized by the Kenya Tourism Board in the Nordics and its partner “Afrikahuset”. 

A jewelry workshop, supported by the zoo staff, was also offered, and the children learned how to create African inspired necklaces and bracelets. The icing on the cake was the face painting which turned the many children into wild lions and cute zebras.
Five maasais visiting from Kenya
Thanks to the great connections of Afrikahuset, five massais from Kenya where attending the event showing the visitors their traditional dance and art craft. Hanna Johansson, Kenya Tourism Board’s representative at Related, was very satisfied with the event and is looking forward to do similar events in the future.
- To do an event in a zoo like Borås felt natural Both children and adults are having a great time here watching elephants, giraffes, antelopes, zebras, lions and monkeys. It’s the ideal place to tell them about the possibilities to experience the wild animals in their real environments, Hanna Johansson says.
The event was announced in several media who also visited the park to experience how the parents and their young lions and zebras were having a great day and were inspired to go on safari in Kenya.

About the Kenya Tourism Board

The Kenya Tourism Board was established in 1997 for the purpose of promoting Kenya, furthering tourism and enhancing the country’s reputation.

In the Nordic countries, Kenya is represented by via the main office in Stockholm, which cooperates with local PR agencies in order to strengthen the reputation of Kenya in the respective countries.



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