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19. April 2013
Related will be doing PR for Ecuador on the Swedish market
The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador has announced its new representation offices in its six key European markets: UK, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands and Sweden. For the Swedish market Related will have the honour of promoting this upcoming tourist destination.

- Ecuador is a fascinating and diverse country that is booming as a tourism destination. Despite its huge potential to attract visitors from around the world, the country is firmly committed to ensuring the tourism contribute positively towards protecting its cultural and natural heritage. I personally have great admiration for their concept of Conscious Tourism, a new model for promoting sustainable and social tourism that I hope will soon be adopted by other destinations, says Henrik Koch, MD of Related.
Mr Luis Falconi, Vice Minister of Tourism for Ecuador explaines the choice of their new representatives in Europe: 
- The Conscious Tourism that we present to the European traveller through our "Love Life" campaign is more complex than strategies selling sun and sea or known tourism icons. It requires a promotional strategy that is equally conscious and responsible based on values that are often difficult to communicate. Related and our other new representatives has shown us that they understand these values perfectly and that they have the know and means to take our message to the European market.    
The European market represents 17% of all foreign visitors to Ecuador and despite adverse market conditions in many European outbound markets, European tourism to Ecuador continues to increase. Last year, a record 4,446 Swedish tourists visited Ecuador.
Read more about Ecuador here:

About The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador

The Ministry of Tourism is the governing body for tourism in Ecuador. The Ministry aims to develop a sustainable, conscious and competitive sector through legislation, planning, management and marketing of Ecuador as a tourist destination.

The Ministry of Tourism wants to ensure that tourism is a priority and a permanent source of income for the country. Furthermore, the Ministry strives to position Ecuador as one of the most essential destinations to visit in Latin America. The motivation is to improve quality of life of the Ecuadorian population through the economic, social and environmental development created by the tourism sector.


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