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19. June 2013
Related arranged Moroccan travel workshop at the Danish National Museum
In May, Related arranged a workshop at the National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event was held for our client, the Moroccan Tourism Office and aimed to establish contact between the Moroccan tourism industry and the Nordic tour operators.

The National Museum formed a great setting for the event where Related and the Moroccan Tourism Office in collaboration with Royal Air Maroc had invited the tour operators to a Moroccan evening. The aim was to raise awareness of the exciting North African destination that becomes even more interesting for local tourists now with because of the launch of a new air route with three weekly flights between Copenhagen and Casa Blanca by Royal Air Maroc.

As a representative of the Moroccan Tourism Office in the Nordic countries, Related organized the event including development of the program and invitation of 75 participants who came from various Danish and southern Swedish travel agencies.
Important contacts arranged with travel agents
The workshop provided a great opportunity for the 25 Moroccan exhibitors to present news from their regions, hotels and attractions. The event was used to create a relation between the local tourism operators and travel agents and therefore the event was an important step in the marketing strategy for the Moroccan Tourism Board.
The workshop ended with a buffet where the Danish and Swedish tour operators had the opportunity to taste the delicious Moroccan specialties.

Last year Related organized a similar event for the Moroccan Tourism Office - read about it here

About Morocco

In addition to world-class beaches, Morocco offers pulsating city life with bustling markets, golf courses and a culture that is both influenced by West African, Arab and French traditions.

The country also has large mountainous areas where it is possible to experience a great number of small rural villages.


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