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February 28, 2014
Bloggers on inspirational trip to Singapore
To many people Singapore equals business trips or simply a “stopover” for another destination. But Singapore is much more than that – it is a melting pot of cultural diversity, Asian courtesy and amazing experiences for any taste. With an invitation from The Singapore Tourism Board, nine Nordic bloggers went to explore and report what Singapore truly has to offer.

Nine Nordic bloggers – all with great interest in fashion, lifestyle or travelling – went in October 2013 on a trip to Singapore arranged by Related and Singapore Tourism Board. A program filled with interesting cultural impressions, luxurious hotels and green oasis was lying ahead.
Before the trip was made a reality, Related carefully selected nine bloggers based on a number of criteria such as picture quality, activity on the social media, readership and area of interest. The bloggers were invited and everybody was happy to participate. Next the coordination began with bookings and scheduling the trip in cooporation with Singapore Tourism Board.
One trip, 130 blog posts
The trip gave the bloggers many exciting adventures, where Night Safari, cocktails at Raffles and exploring the culinary scene were among the favorites. This resulted in more than 130 blog posts, amazing travel reports and buzz on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest acting as great inspiration for many readers. Many have already booked a trip - or are considering it – to Singapore after reading the many inspiring travel posts.

In Related we are very pleased with the response received from the bloggers.
- The fast and current publicity provided by the bloggers has a great impact on Singapore. Many bloggers updated their blogs during the trip, but also in following months after the trip where longer travel reports and pictures of various outfits worn in Singapore were posted regularly. This confirms the great value in sending bloggers on these inspirational trips as an interesting supplement to the more classical press trips, explains PR Executive Mia Klüwer Nielsen, responsible for Singapore Tourism Board.

Read a post from the Danish blogger Emily Salomon here
See a video from the trip made by the Norwegian blogger Kristina Andersen here

About the Singapore Tourism Board

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is a leading economic development agency in tourism, one of Singapore’s key service sectors. 

Known for partnership, innovation and excellence, STB champions tourism, making it a key economic driver for Singapore. 

STB aims to differentiate and market Singapore as a must-visit destination offering a concentration of user-centric and enriching experiences through the “YourSingapore” brand.



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