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27. juni 2013
Related arranges course in crisis communication for Top Attracktioner
During springtime Related has held a course in crisis communication for the Danish network of tourist top attractions. The course was meant to prepare the organization's members to prevent and handle crisis situations. The participants brought home with them concrete tools in order to plan and coordinate their future crisis response.

With a still increasing number of tourist clients, Related has quite extensive experience within this particular industry. Based on this, we conducted a full day course in crisis communication for more than 20 managers and leaders as well as communications - and marketing professionals from a number of Danish top attractions.  

The aim of the course was to provide the participants with an insight in how to successfully handle the press during a crisis, while also making them capable of identifying and judging potential crisis and acting accordingly, so as to be able to control a situation before it turns into an actual crisis. 
Focus on concrete tools  
- Our starting point for the course was to provide participants with some different tools for them to rely on, should a crisis occur. Therefore, a great part of the course was based on presentation, evaluation and discussions of concrete cases – both from the participant’s own attractions as well as from the outside world, says Trine Abild from Related, who was teaching during the day.
In doing so, the participants also got an impression of which response strategies may be useful in different situations and how social media can both escalate, yet also save a crisis. 

Prepare for a crisis
When it comes to crisis communication, it often all comes down to one thing; be prepared. Thus, the participants were tought how to plan and create their own crisis plans after the course. 
Furthermore, through a string of media training sessions, they gained insight in how to best tacle a critical journalist. Our journalist and PR consultant Peter Bang Overby gave examples of how to keep one’s focus during an interview  in order to avoid appearing insecure, when the journalist reels of critical and leading questions. In minor case based interview situations, the participants got to try off the different tools and the role as interview victim in practice. 

About Top Attraktioner

Top Attraktioner  is a working relationship between 19 Danish tourist attractions. Having worked for 30 years on providing tourist with the best holiday activities and experiences, Top Attraktioner is constantly looking for new areas where tourist attractions can improve. This occurs through amongst other things guest surveys and exchange of experience.


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