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January 14, 2015
Related coordinates roadshow for new exotic destination
Related are to arrange a four day roadshow for Visit Maldives – the national tourism office of Maldives. They have chosen Related as a representative in the Nordic to benefit from the agency’s experience, knowledge and network within the tourism industry. The roadshow is to be held in four Nordic capitals and are meant to put the travel business from the Maldives and the Nordics together to increase tourism to the paradise-like islands.

From February 9-12, representatives from Visit Maldives and selected exhibitors from the Maldives will visit the four Nordic capitals Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki to speed date, mingle and negotiate with Nordic travel agencies. Related are responsible for the planning of the entire roadshow from invitation to booking of venues. 

Crucial experience
- To attract more than 65 relevant participants from each country requires a far-reaching network and insight within the travel business. Through many years of experience with tourism clients we have achieved just that. That is why we can help Visit Maldives to meet the most important players from the Nordic travel industry, says Henrik Koch, CEO at Related. 
Travel trade experts
Related are experts in travel trade – and the roadshow for Visit Maldives is a good example of this. Travel trade is about increasing traffic, number of visitors and profit for a destination by getting different partners from the tourism industry to cooperate. The goal is to make it possible or easier for the tourists to visit the destination.
The roadshow will be launched in Helsinki. Then it goes to Copenhagen and Oslo before ending in the capital of Sweden.

About Visit Maldives

Visit Maldives is the national tourism office of Maldives. Through different activities, they aim to promote Maldives as the world’s most preferred island destination.

Visit Maldives’ mission is to secure a sustainable growth in the local tourism industry to deliver economic, social and cultural benefits to the country.



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