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January 28, 2016
Visit Portugal appoints Related as PR agency in the Nordics
Related recently added a new client on the tourism portfolio: Visit Portugal has appointed Related to handle all PR in Scandinavia and Finland – including press releases, newsletters and press trips and social media activities. The main goal is to make more people aware of the wide range of holiday experiences that Portugal’s seven regions has to offer –with special focus on niche media and bloggers.

Related recently welcomed Portugal as a new client. Related will act as Nordic PR representative for the local tourism board, Visit Portugal. Related will assist the tourist office with PR and branding of the destination and the seven local regions in the country. The aim is to inspire more Nordic tourists to visit end explore Portugal.

- The goal for Portugal is not to become a mass tourism destination. Instead they seek to attract so called ‘quality travelers’. Therefore our job is to spread the message about the wide range of unique treasures that Portugal can offer Nordic travelers. Portugal is a must visit destination for food and wine lovers and for those looking for an active holiday – e.g. with trekking, horseback riding or golf. At the same time, here are many exciting experiences for architecture and design enthusiasts, tells Helene Hofverberg, Account Manager for Visit Portugal at Related.

Focus on more than travel media
On behalf of Visit Portugal, Related will handle all PR related tasks – including press releases, newsletters and press trips. Furthermore the agreement includes handling Visit Portugal’s Facebook page in Norway and Finland. And though Portugal will be branded as travel destination, it is not necessarily the travel media that are highest priority:

- We will work strategically to tap into non-tourism channels and focus more on lifestyle, design and high-end publications as well as work closely with relevant bloggers to provide Nordic travelers with a more nuanced picture of Portugal’s many possibilities, explains Helene Hofverberg.

The seven regions of Portugal are: Norte, Centro, Lisboa, Alentejo and Algarve – and the islands Azores and Madeira.

About Visit Portugal

Visit Portugal is the official brand for Portugal as tourism destination created by Portugal’s national tourist office Turismo de Portugal. Turismo de Portugal is part of Portugal’s Ministry of Economy and responsible for marketing, development and sustainability in terms of tourism. Turismo de Portugal cooperates with a network of local teams in 21 countries, considered to be important for Portugal as tourism destination.


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